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 Richochet Rule

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PostSubject: Richochet Rule   29/5/2011, 2:12 pm

(No sure if I spelled that correctly)

Just wanted to get a feel for the rule about ricochets counting.

I believe they shouldn't. They are not straight shots and anyone can hit anyone if all they have to do is hit a wall or barricade.

It is almost like blind fire.

It's also almost impossible to not get hit by a ricochet in the alley, corridor or on the top floor. So basically you are saying just spam away like crazy and everyone must call it??

It's not right and too hard to police anyway. Aimed shots that strike the target only. I've had a few people agree, so if we can get enough, it'll get binned.

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PostSubject: Re: Richochet Rule   30/5/2011, 4:03 am

The hard thing to distinguish is if the shot was intentional or not.

Such as if the shooter knows the target is behind a barricade, the boxes on the upstairs balcony for example, and they shoot the wall behind them and it hits. That seems intentional. But in saying that, if a target ducks behind the barricade under fire, and the shooter misses the target anyway, it ricochets off anywhere and hits would that still count?

Im on the opinion that a ricochet counts based on 30ish degrees to the wall, as illustrated:

This is based off a realism manner, a bullet will embed into a wall at anymore than 30ish degrees. Anything less, does have the potential to bounce off.

I personally prefer aiming for a direct hit, its just that much more satisfying...
But under the current rules, I call my ricochet hits too, regardless. Its not my problem other people cant shoot. It only means I need to get under better cover.

However, if for instance in the corridor you mention, a grenade is lobbed and explodes, of course that would get the 5 people in the corridor by ricochet, but only directly hit the first person in line.
So does this mean only the first person in line is hit? or the whole team in the corridor?
As I agree that spamming the corridor walls is cheap tactics, but so is spamming anywhere, either in attempt for double ricochet or aiming for the small hole in the walls.

Finally, when does a ricochet stop being a ricochet?
If a shot is taken at a wall, bounces off to another wall, then rolls slowly at your foot, does that count as a hit? Its almost impossible to know its made contact with you unless you explicitly see it.
As you'd also know, a shot loses momentum power each time it makes contact with an item. So a ricochet may not always be felt by the target, making them inadvertently cheating. (This is also an issue of wearing too much padding).

In conclusion, I think it should be more encouraged to aim for direct hits, than instead of hoping for a ricochet hit.
Experienced players will always go for the direct hit. New players don't know any better, and most want to get out and be trigger happy, as thats what they're there to do.

I don't want disagree with you, but I also don't support binning the rule.
I think it should be up to the DS of the game to specify whether they want to use this rule or not.
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PostSubject: Re: Richochet Rule   30/5/2011, 4:36 am

One more thing,

As illustrated with more fine mspaint work:

The first way shows a ricochet hit. This is still legit, but again there is no real way to tell whether the spamfest has made a hit.
As those that know this room also know there is still a bit of cover if the target is in the right position.

The most effective way, and most encouraged way is to use a 2 man firesquad to enter the room first and go for the direct hit.
But it is not encouraged to spam, or use a bang kill once breached. A double tap will do sufficiently in this scenario.
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PostSubject: Re: Richochet Rule   30/5/2011, 5:10 am

At the beginning I also don’t think ricochet should count as hit, and we used it for our outdoor game rules, but because that, most of people who had been complained cheating said that was a ricochet hit me. That is why we have to change it as count hit later on.

However, I think we should change the ricochet rules, such as no one allowed to shoot people by ricochet on purpose, for example, if you see a player hide behind the barricade, you can not shoot the wall behind the player to try ricochet hit, and it will count as blind fire. But, you can shoot the barricade where the player hides, and if the pellets go through the barricade and hit the player behind, it should count as a hit.


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PostSubject: Re: Richochet Rule   30/5/2011, 5:52 am

Thats also true.

If a target is under fire from the front, and a sneaky ninja flanks from behind and shoots him in the back, the target could think it was only a ricochet and ignore it. Or if the target gets friendly fired from behind, and thinks it was a ricochet, and ignores it.

Friendly fire isn't friendly.
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PostSubject: Re: Richochet Rule   30/5/2011, 2:16 pm

Surely if you get shot in the back, you would at least glance behind to check if there was someone there shooting you. Plenty of times I've felt a tap on my back, called the hit and then looked behind me to see nobody there. I still take the hit, but it pisses me off to no end. Surely if I get hit in the back, and see nothing but a wall behind me, I should at least be able to make a solid judgement about whether or not it was a ricochet or not. And consequently whether or not i should in fact take the hit. I understand that if you change the ruling to "ricochets don't count" people will exploit this in an attempt not to call their hits. So maybe we need to find a compromise. I don't think the whole "bullets ricochet at a 30 degree angle" will be much help, unless we all want to add protractors to our arsenals, and spend more time effing about than playing the game.

Maybe we should play some games with ricochet rule on, and then in the bigger games, with more people, we don't count ricochets, due to the larger bulk of bb's flying about the place.

If only everybody was honest, we wouldn't have to deal with this S#$T
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PostSubject: Re: Richochet Rule   

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Richochet Rule
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