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 NZ Army small arms

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PostSubject: NZ Army small arms   17/12/2011, 9:13 am

Hi guys, i have always used or owned genuine military weapons both via my NZ army service and private collecting but thought i would investigate this new world of Airsoft as some of the examples are extremely authentic in feel and construction, and would be great for educational and commemorative displays i am involved in fielding.
So its all new to me. I am looking at obtaining airsoft examples of the small arms i have used in service so can anyone advise availability of the most authentic versions of, and where i can get the following (If they make them that is)

SLR or FN-FAL rifle
M16 (both vietnam three prong version and later model with assist and birdcage flash eliminator)
Browing HP pistol
Styer AUG rifle (standard green stock, integral sight model)

cheers in advance
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PostSubject: Re: NZ Army small arms   22/12/2011, 7:51 pm

SLR: STAR or ARES dont know if they still make them though?
FAL: king arms
SA58: CA

M16: vipertech, G&P , inokatsu

browning hp: only WE makes these there use to be one made by tanaka i think

steyer: i think CA makes the best versions of these?

they aint cheap though some cost as much as the real thing......


those are some of the online store most of us use
all guns need to be modded to shoot semi to comply with nz law
i would recomend going on ASNZ.co.nz for more info
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PostSubject: Re: NZ Army small arms   23/12/2011, 3:16 am

for the steyr AUG A1, WE are releasing one next year apparently with fully licensed markings
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PostSubject: Re: NZ Army small arms   23/12/2011, 9:43 am

Cheers for the info guys, i have just secured a modded CA Steyr AUG A1 so thats great, one down. I noticed that there is a C9 Minimi and GPMG out there too. Has anyone sighted these and got a review of how good they are at least cosmetically
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PostSubject: Re: NZ Army small arms   

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NZ Army small arms
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